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Train as a proficient Rebirthing Breathworker with internationally renowned Master Breathworker Ciara Longman.

Apply the core principals of Rebirthing Breathwork which are relevant to any therapist.

Continuous Professional Development courses.

Engaging talks to expand your consciousness.

Talks from other modalities which are relevant to you as a Breathworker and to your clients.

BreathTalks Mission: to provide high quality workshops, trainings and sessions for people who wish to facilitate our expansion in consciousness by breaking through our resistances and the prison of our mind.


About Ciara

“Originally I’m a Scientist and Science is great! but science won’t get you breathing through your resistances, only you can let go of control, feel safe and break through yourself.”

Ciara Longman

Ciara Longman – Master Breathworker

I trained and travelled with the founder of Rebirthing Breathwork Leonard Orr as well as with Sondra Ray. Leonard not only brought conscious connected breathing to the world but also ideas about creating a better world free of control and corruption.

After dabbling in personal development and spirituality for many years I decided to quit my permanent job as an Environmental Manager, because I felt like I was just existing and not really living. I allowed myself to feel everything I had suppressed, journeyed the abyss and emerged able to see beyond Maya. I surrendered and opened to many levels of consciousness beyond non-ordinary reality. Of course this work still continues. My philosophy is as long as I am breathing – I work on myself.

My journey to sovereignty and inner freedom took me through many different techniques and I found that Alchemical Hypnotherapy and Rebirthing Breathwork with the addition of Medical Intuition and using Plant Essences really accelerated immense changes in my life. I weave these into Breathwork sessions.

I had so many incredible experiences that the logical mind simply wouldn’t comprehend. Spending time with Leonard was such a joy and also a deep alchemical adventure, filled with lilas (a Divine play or trick on you). So I love connecting with people and assisting them through these deep processes and witness shifts and changes happening to them – nothing gives me more joy. You are given permission to take your masks off and be yourself.

Those that know me, know I’m an avid traveller and I love to take people to breathe in and experience ancient and energetic sites for otherworldly experiences. With the current restrictions however, I encourage people to take inner journeys because the only way out, is in! Working on ourselves right now is essential.

You can join me in an online training which I provide with Master Rebirther Katia Boustani. Or when restrictions permit in-person trainings on the sublime and mystical Greek island of Samothrace.

I also give online sessions for those who want to work deeply [email protected]

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