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Ciara Longman

Founder & Trainer

Ciara is a Master Breathworker who trained with Leonard Orr and Sondra Ray. Prior to this she was trained in many modalities including Alchemical Hypnotherapy, Medical Intuition and a Flower Essence Practitioner & Trainer.

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Susan Billmaier

Trainer & Mentor
Susan is a certified Rebirthing Breathworker who trained with Leonard Orr in the 1990s. Her passion is living and teaching spiritual purification and physical immortality, in all forms. She is the Director of the Zen Zone a spiritual center, in Michigan.
Susan is trained in facilitating Haidakhan (Hindu) fire ceremonies and has a wealth of experience in the Healing Arts, including Jharra, a healing practice given to the world by Haidakhan Baba.
In addition, Susan facilitates classes and workshops on consciousness journeys, spiritual exploration, education,  astrology, as well as diversity and inclusion, and conflict resolution. She is available for speaking engagements.

Tracy Lacue

Mentor & Trainer

Tracy has been studying and practicing Rebirthing breathwork since 1987 after she first met Sondra Ray. She studied with Sondra and Markus Ray, Bob and Mallie Mandel, Leonard Orr and has assisted and produced programs with local trainers in her hometown of Atlanta, GA USA. She is a long time student of A Course In Miracles(ACIM), a Reiki Master, a Spiritual Life Coach and a certified Jharra healer.  

She is 38 years clean and sober and has a personal perspective and experience to help others take their recovery to the next level.  

Her former career was in healthcare, serving in hospitals but after visiting India on a spiritual quest, she is answering a call into a different kind of service. She wants to not only help people heal but to teach them to heal themselves.”

Klodiana Gjinaj

Mentor & Initiate Trainer

Klodiana is a certified Rebirthing Breathworker and trained with Katia Boustani and Ciara Longman. She is an experienced Mentor and receives clients and teaches workshops in Albania.

Her career in media was a great foundation for her communication and presentation skills.

Alena Sidlova

Mentor & Initiate Trainer

Alena is a certified Rebirthing Breathworker and trained with Katia Boustani and Ciara Longman. She is an experienced Mentor. Alena also trained in the Buteyko technique. 

Alena is the founder of Authentic Breathwork and Authentic Life Academy, focusing on harmonizing body-mind-spirit with breathwork, sound, body intelligence, energy work and mind reset. She receives clients in the Czech Republic.

Katie O'Donnell


Katie is a certified Rebirthing Breathworker, Ayurvedic health counselor & Reiki practitioner. Her passion is in helping women heal their most important relationship- the one they have with themself. 

She especially loves reconnecting individuals to the natural cycles and rhythms of life- which includes the breath. 
Katie currently resides in NY where she spends her time in nature and enjoying the house music scene. She loves exploring the depths of her being and assists & encourages others to do the same.

Yentl Brunickx

Initiate Mentor

Yentl trained in Rebirthing Breathwork with Ciara Longman. He is originally an interior & furniture designer and has a passion for sustainble living. As an explorer of consciousness, Yentl completely resonated with spiritual purification and incorporated it in to his lifestyle. He is planning spiritual purification retreats on the island of Madeira.

Erin McEnroe

Initiate Mentor

Erin trained in Breathwork with Sondra Ray and Diane Jeffries in Australia. She certified in Transpersonal Breathwork and has been practicing for five years. She is also a Reiki practitioner and receives clients in Perth, Australia.

Erin’s ethos is “I am here to be of service, to guide others back to the deepest understanding and remembrance of their true nature, with truth, simplicity and love.”

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