Live In-person Trainings and Retreats

9 Day Training

Breath, Mind and Body Mastery. Live and interactive

Free your Breath

Learn the technique: physical resistance, breathing deviations, emotional resistance, energy release and the breathing cycle.

Free Your Mind

Understand how thought is creative. The Personal Law. Spiritual Psychology

Understand Birth

How your birth impacts your life

Freedom - Comes From Within

* For Personal Development – you want to experience change in your life.

* For Rebirthing Breathwork Students – this includes 9 days of the Rebirthing Facilitator Training 


April 22nd-30th 2023 in Michigan

May in Atlanta


    Birth Professionals: if you are not a Breathworker then you will receive sessions and observe one-on-one Rebirthing sessions.

    High Quality Rebirthing Sessions: for each day of training you take you will receive a one-on-one session with a Mentor. You will teamed up with another participant and also observe one session. If you take the 8 day training then you will receive 8 sessions and observe 8 sessions. Sessions can be scheduled outside of the weekend in agreement with your Mentor.


    Your Birth Sets Up Your Life

    I am passionate about birth because how we are born is so incredibly important to our life.

    For most people it takes time to be ready to deal with our own birth trauma, even for a ‘normal’ birth.

    It is a process not to be rushed and is dependent on how much work you have already done on other various life issues you have discovered.

    Unravelling Patrick Collard’s Birth Script

    * If you are new to Breathwork, this 9 day training will count towards 9 days of the 21 day Rebirthing Breathwork Training.
    Professional 21 Day Rebirthing Breathwork Training
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    Part energy exchanges are open to negotiation and welcomed. If you have skills that can help me – I can help you.

    Training Daily Schedule


    Schedule Item Time

    Bathing & Fire

    An optional fire ceremony will be offered daily


     Before training



    Daily Practices  9.00 am
    Immortal Story  10.30 am
    Break  10.45 am
    Lecture 11.15 am
    Break  2.15 pm
    Sessions  3.15 pm
    Dinner  7.00 pm
    Bathing & Fire  7.30 pm



    To be able to attain the required certification to become a Rebirthing Breathworker you need to also complete the following:


    • Stages of Development
    • Processing Clients
    • Theory and practice of Physical Immortality
    • Past Lives
    • Prosperity consciousness seminar: the Money Game. You need to understand the energy of money.
    • Advanced Rebirthing Breathwork techniques


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    Water Rebirthing Training Dates

    May 2023 in GA, USA.

      Warm Water Rebirthing – 2 Days: be supported in warm water rebirthing where womb and birth experiences tend to happen.

      Cold Water Rebirthing – 1 Day: experience cold water rebirthing confronting your deepest fears and death urge.

      What Students are Saying

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