Rebirthing Collective

1 Day Every Month Commencing 12 March 2022


When you have trained in Rebirthing Breathwork being part of a supportive community is essential.

As a community we work together, support each other and learn from each other. Everyone is equal.


 Breathe Through Restrictions in Your Practice


Open to 400 hour Rebirthing Breathwork graduates. Email to join.

The Rebirthing Collective is about TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for your development as a Rebirther.

This is a free event because everyone who joins has to step up and be involved in organising each month. It’s easier to attend classes when you’ve paid a lot for it, when it’s free most people don’t see the value! so to continue learning for free is a real challenge, this is your opportunity to look at how you value yourself. Are you up for it?

  • Everyone who joins participates in leading the monthly meet ups and presenting quality seminars
  • Continue learning from your peers

  • Discuss Case Studies

  • Get advice from your peers

  • Exchange Rebirthing sessions

  • Improve confidence as a Rebirther
  • Gain experience leading seminars and teaching Rebirthing
  • Monthly Rebirthing Collective community breathe on Zoom


For Rebirthing Breathwork graduates who wish to apply for recognition with with the BreathworkAlliance you must attend the Rebirthing Collective for a total of 21 months after completing your 3 month training. You MUST receive and document one Rebirthing Session every month.