The Personal Law

FIND OUT what the biggest lie you created about yourself IS.

The Personal Law Online course is Available on


    • Chapter 1 observe your body, thoughts and sensations whilst doing this course
    • Chapter 2 Thought is Creative
    • Chapter 3 The Personal Law and Specific Negatives
    • Chapter 4 Make the unconscious conscious. Understand the 3 levels of mind
    • Chapter 4 How to Process your Personal Law
    • Chapter 4 Turn your Personal Law around to become your Eternal Law
    • Chapter 4 Negative thoughts about your Eternal Law
    • Chapter 4 Turn those negative thoughts into Mantras
    • Chapter 5 Integration and ways to keep reinforcing your Eternal Law

How do you act it out?

How do you suppress it?

How do you project it?

The Accompanying Workshop Handout is available on Amazon.

This seminar is usually taught as part of Rebirthing Breathwork trainings. Mind Mastery is an essential component during Rebirthing trainings.

This course helps you dive deep into your mind and how you created a core lie that continues to play out in your life’s situations. It’s a great way of finding out how you create big blocks in your life.

You are taken through a process which shows you how to uncover your Personal Law and you can watch 3 students using the process to find theirs.

It is best to have an accountability partner doing the course with you, so that you have someone to process you and then you can process them.

It is harder to do it on your own, but you can.