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with Ciara Longman



in Your Language

    • This seminar consists of 9 x 2 day Modules + 2 Spiritual Purification Days (20 days) of training plus such a lot more.
    • You’ll need 3 Translators to:
      • translate Daily Practices
      • translate Seminars
      • translate Individual Sessions
    • Translators need to be able to understand the material in order to correctly translate it
    • Often translators are already practicing in wellbeing modalities
    • Each Module requires:
      • 4 hours of Daily Practices
      • 6 hours of Seminars
      • 2 Breathwork sessions per participant
      • 1 hour of group mentoring
    • Tell us about your scheduling preferences and we will plan Modules to suit your schedule you can choose week days or weekends


In Person

in your country

  • We offer 9 Day Initiation Trainings
  • Or 18-21 Day Facilitator Trainings
  • You need to find a training venue with the following requirements:
    • Individual rooms for sessions
    • A large space for teaching
    • Facilities with bath tubs, hot tubs or large showers you can fit a plastic pool in for bathing
    • Area for fire pits
  • You need to advertise the event and we will also advertise it on our websites

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Don’t Be Restricted

With travel uncertainty you can change your life by participating in a Breathwork training from home.

Our programmes are flexible to meet your needs