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7 Nov 2020 – 12 Feb 2021

Birth Order BreathTalk

Patsy Brennan
Coming Soon

Where you are place in the order of birth impacts your whole life. Patsy takes us through a journey of how to navigate interpersonal relations depending on each other’s birth order.

Birth Types BreathTalk

Katia Boustani
Coming Soon

Your birth sets up your life. Learn about different birth types, how to work with them and how to move through challenges.

Talking to Myselves BreathTalk

Debbie Unterman
Coming Soon

Listening to the voices in your head and learning to resolve situations in your life when you get stuck, give up or sabotage ourselves. Debbie explains the characters behind the voices and how to work with them.

Karma BreathTalk

Chitra Kaul
Coming Soon

Chitra explains karma from an Eastern perspective and how to effectively resolve karmic situations when working with a client.

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