The Leonard Orr Method of Rebirthing Breathwork

1970s Rebirthing Breathwork

When Rebirthing Breathwork was first discovered the original Rebirthers used mouth breathing because they breathed through a snorkel in a hot tub. The original Rebirthers spread conscious connected breathing across the world and created their own variations.

Meanwhile Leonard kept perfecting the technique. Leonard spent time every year with Mahavatar Haidakhan Babaji who is the founder of conscious connected breathing. Babaji told Leonard, “breathe with the nose, eat with the mouth.” Leonard adopted nose breathing.

Nose Breathing

There are many reasons why some people cannot nose breathe and this is ok, mouth breathing is then done. Even during a sessions it is often necessary to revert to mouth breathing. The session should be started and finished with nose breathing.

Mouth breathing allows a person to access emotional states and is incredibly important if these have been repressed. In Rebirthing it’s important to understand how this can turn into emotional drama and a Rebirther is trained in helping a client through as well as integrating emotional situations. Returning to nose breathing allows a person to understand situations from a greater perspective.

Nose and mouth breathing use different Nadi systems.

Core Method

Individual high quality sessions.

Predominantly nose breathing, with less mouth breathing.

Body Mastery

  • Spiritual purification techniques which use the four elements.
  • Air – high quality individual rebirthing sessions in a private safe environment
  • Water – twice daily bathing
  • Fire – sitting with the fire twice daily
  • Earth – fasting and exercise
  • Learning about Physical Immortality and Immortal Yogis

Mind Mastery

  • Spiritual psychology – Unravelling the Conscious Mind
  • The Personal Law

Breath Mastery

  • The Energy Cycle
  • Breathing Deviations and breath psychology

Life Mastery

  • Conscious Birth and Birth Types
  • Stages of Development

Additional Teachings

Prosperity Consciousness

Professional Success

The Money System

Enlightened Politics

The Biggies of Human Trauma

Past Lives

Inner Child

Wisdom of the Eastern Yogic Scriptures

Ciara talks about the fundamentals of what Rebirthing Breathwork is.