Cold Water Rebirthing Retreats & Trainings

Cold Water Rebirthing in Estonia

12-16 June 2024


  • You must have received 10 personal (i.e. one-on-one ) connected breathwork sessions.
  • This means you are able to breathe through resistances and complete and energy cycle.
  • If you are a Breathworker who hasn’t studied Breath Mastery with a RIBA approved training, then you will need to attend Thursday & Friday Breath Mastery training.
  • Even if you got through resistances in dry rebirthing cold water allows you to go into deeper resistances.

Why Cold Water?

If the thought of going into cold water makes you feel uncomfortable then this is perfect for you!

You are in control and decide how much you want to do.

Once you move through the urgency barrier it is easy. And it really is worth the exhilarating feeling of life force energy moving through you.

Connected breathing in water water allows you to go dive into:

  • Breathing through the uncomfortable urgency barrier
  • Facing deep fears
  • Understanding your death urge
  • Going deeper with physical and emotional resistances

Breath Mastery

  • Learn how the Rebirthing Technique is different: nose or mouth breathing
  • The Energy Cycle
  • Physical and Emotional Resistance
  • Breathing Deviations
  • Breathing Mechanism Release, Energy Release and First Breath
  • Urgency Barrier
  • Practical experience of receiving and observing the above in a session

Cold Water Rebirthing

  • Being honest about fears
  • Processing the death urge
  • Safety information
  • Cold water theory
  • Practical experience of cold water rebirthing

We won’t be going into icy cold water but here’s a flavour of really cold water rebirthing Icy Water Urgency Barrier

Experience cold water rebirthing in Estonia

12-16 June 2024


Wednesday Afternoon international participants arrive, welcome dinner

Thursday Morning Estonian participants arrive

Thursday Breath Mastery lecture and sessions

Friday Breath Mastery lecture and sessions

Friday Evening Estonian smoke sauna

Saturday Cold water lecture supervised water rebirthing sessions

Saturday Evening warm water barrel

Sunday Cold water supervised water rebirthing sessions

Sunday 3pm close

What is not included:

  • Your travel to Estonia
  • Your airport or Tallinn transfer to the retreat centre
  • On arrival pay the retreat centre for accommodation and food
  • Bring a snorkel
  • Buy the Cold Water Rebirthing Workbook from Amazon

Before booking have a call with me to make sure this is right for you,  [email protected]

*If you live in Estonia or Latvia contact Pille [email protected]  

Breathworkers 4 Days: Food, Accommodation, Sauna & Warm Water Barrel €230. Pay in cash at the retreat.

4 Day Retreat Pricing:

Early Bird pay by 30 April €320

After 30 April €370

Experienced RIBA Rebirthers 2 Days: Accommodation, Sauna & Warm Water Barrel €130. Pay in cash at the retreat.

Cold Water Retreat Pricing:

Early Bird pay by 30 April €180

After 30 April  €220

Contact [email protected] for payment in £GBP

€100 PayPal Non refundable deposit to secure your place.

Further information and logistics about your stay will be provided when you pay your deposit.

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