Personal Development

You don’t have to want to be a Rebirther to join our trainings

You get to ‘experience’ and no facilitating

  • Attend Lectures
  • Receive one session per day
  • Attend the Group Mentoring Sessions

You can join the training as a personal development retreat. You attend the Lectures because processing and exercises are done during the lectures. Your unconscious mind gets activated and you are then ready to breathe on whatever is coming up for you.

When we’re working on our life situations in a group setting we realise we’re not alone in our issues. 

This programme allows you to delve much deeper into your life blocks.


  • Understand how the Rebirthing Technique is different: nose or mouth breathing – nadis. The Energy Cycle. Physical Resistance. Emotional Resistance. Breathing Deviations. Breathing Mechanism Release. Energy Release. First Breath.
  • Understand how our first 1001 days are critically important to how our life is set up: conception, pregnancy, birth and infancy.
  • We then move through childhood and adolescence, highlighting needs that weren’t met, which can arise in Breathwork sessions.
  • Understand the Birth Types and how to work with each type. Find out why you have certain behaviours.
  • Understand how important Mind Mastery is to creating your reality.
  • Experience Spiritual Purification with the Elements and understand how beneficial it is.
  • Understand the unconscious death urge and how to unravel it.
  • What is meant by physical immortality – how to extend your life.
  • Take a forgiveness diet.
  • Understand how to process yourself when something comes up for you.

To Book your place on this retreat email [email protected]

Your Birth Sets Up Your Life

I am passionate about birth because our birth is so incredibly important to our life.

For most people it takes time to be ready to deal with our own birth trauma, even for a ‘normal’ birth. It is dependent on how much work you have already done on other various life issues you have discovered. 

Birth Types:

  • Big Baby Birth
  • Born in the Sac Birth
  • Breech
  • Caesarian
  • Conditions of the Mother – Unwell
  • Cord around the Neck
  • Cyanotic Baby – blue baby slapped, umbilical cord cut too soon
  • Drugged Birth
  • Dry Birth
  • Easy Birth
  • Fast Birth
  • Father Absent at Birth
  • Forceps
  • Genital Mutilation
  • Held Back Birth
  • Hyper Mature – late
  • Incubator Baby
  • Induced Birth
  • Long Labour
  • Mother’s Death During Labour
  • Near to Death Birth
  • Placenta Previa – blocks the birth canal
  • Premature Birth
  • Premature Birth
  • Stagnant Labour – mother holding back
  • Transverse Lie – painful birth for both
  • Turned at Birth
  • Twins – multiple births
  • Unwanted Birth
  • Wrong Sex Birth

Breathe more FREEDOM into your life:

    • Unravel your Birth Script


    • Discover how unmet childhood needs impact us
    • Be MORE compassionate towards people with different Birth Types
    • Go through processes during the lectures
    • Find out why womb time is so important
    • Are you trapped in reliving Obstetrician Syndrome?
    • Have you forgiven your Birth Medical team?
    • Do you get Separation Anxiety?
    • How breastfeeding and bottle feeding impact you