Perfect Birth Process

Is your birth still impacting your life?

Do you acutally want to be here in the world?

Do you want to feel more freedom and creativity?

My clients that have done this process have felt an immense shift, more safety and more enthusiastic about being alive.

Rebirthing was developed because people started re-experiencing their birth when they breathed in warm water. Even a normal birth is difficult.

I have combined my knowledge of birth trauma with a guided journeying into your ‘inner world’ resources for you to create a perfect birth for your inner child.


Rebirthing Practitioners and Teachers often come to me for sessions to really break through any patterns. In addition to this, we process a higher understanding of what is happening.

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It’s never too late to have a happy birth.


When we come into this world, feeling safe, loved and welcomed are vital.  So that we really want to be here.

Simply learning about the dangers of birth trauma is not enough.  To energetically move through this critical trauma we need to find a new loving mother in the inner world.  In cases where the womb environment was toxic physically or emotionally it may be appropriate to complete a womb transplant. 

Your Birth Sets Up Your Life

I am passionate about conscious birth because our birth is so incredibly important to our life.

For most people it takes time to be ready to deal with our own birth trauma. It is dependent on how much work you have already done on various issues you may have. When you’re ready I provide a safe space to delve into your birth. Contact me if you would like a session.

For Online Sessions
Check the Requirements:
  • Go to the restroom before your session.


  • Have sufficient pillows for comfort, if you experience lower back ache during the session putting pillows under your legs will help alleviate the ache.


  • Have a throw, blanket or duvet/comforter available if you feel cold during the session, you may need more than one. Your body temperature can change and conversely, you may also feel hot.


  • Have water available to drink and tissues.


  • Wear loose, comfortable clothes.
    Wear light coloured clothes so that your Rebirther can easily see your chest and stomach area to observe breathing deviations.


  • You need find a comfortable place to have sessions lying down on the floor, bed or sofa.


  • You need your laptop, tablet, iPad higher than the location where you are lying down so that the camera is pointed at angle looking down towards you.


  • The camera needs be positioned to view your head down to your belly.
    You will be directed about the placement of your camera before you start to breathe.


  • Do not use a smartphone or iPhone without a supporting structure such as a tripod.


  • Placing the device on a table is useful, or if you have a tripod you can attach the device to it to ensure it doesn’t fall during the session.


  • Have a headset with microphone available in case it is difficult to hear you, sometimes your assistant may wish to hear your breathing.


  • You could also use a professional microphone placed near to your head or Lavalier (collar clip) microphone.


  • You need to be able to hear your Rebirther clearly particularly if you go into a deep space where you are not completely conscious, some people even fall asleep. So I may shout at you to wake you up.


  • At the end of the session you will be left to integrate and your Rebirther will let you know it is integration time and that they are now leaving.


  • Returning to consciousness after a session can sometimes take time, particularly when you go deep and also after spiritual experiences – leave plenty of “coming back” time before scheduling your next activity.