Essences for Practitioners

How to Support Your Clients in Between Sessions

This book is for you if: you are already an established certified practitioner of a healing arts modality and you are experienced in coaching clients, as well as uncovering their underlying issues. In addition to this your modality has an ethical code that you abide by and you have the maturity and humility to work through your own issues.

Discover flower essence power

Flower essences = change and transformation

Get unstuck and transform with flower essences

6 drops, 3 times per day is all it takes to create new beginnings

Let your emotional wounds be nurtured in the love provided by flower essences

Integrate essences into your established practice or simply understand how to use essences yourself

Give your clients added support on their journey to better wellbeing

Discover how essence formulas help you and your clients evolve emotionally over time

Include flower essences in to your clients’ wellbeing journey

As a practitioner clear yourself and be supported by flower essences


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