English Training

420 Hours of Training

Breath, Mind and Body Mastery

Live and interactive

Free your Breath

Learn the technique: physical resistance, breathing deviations, emotional resistance, energy release and the breathing cycle.

Free Your Mind

Understand how thought is creative. The Personal Law. Spiritual Psychology

Love your Body

Spiritual purification with the elements: air, water, earth and fire.

Freedom - Comes From Within

  • This seminar consists of 9 x 2 day Modules + 2 Spiritual Purification Days (20 days) of training plus such a lot more.
  • Taking you deep into your psyche, shining a light on your subliminal patterns through the breath and providing you with tools to heal deeply, empowering you to create a new reality for yourself.
  • We believe in providing individual high quality breathwork sessions. This is how real change happens.
  • Breaking free from the limitation of our mind happens for all participants you can take this programme for personal development or becoming Qualified Breathwork Facilitators.
  • Share love, have fun, live your truth and discover your real self.

Be the Change

  • Now more than ever it’s important to change our reality.
  • We’ll be holding live online seminars which all trainees attend
  • Trainings are interactive with processes because your transformation is key to helping others transform.
  • If you choose the certification route you’ll be placed in a trainee group for group work and mentoring.
  • Even though the training is online we ensure that personal connection is maintained
  • We believe in providing individual high quality breathwork sessions. This is how real change happens.

Gain the skills to become a highly proficient and professional Rebirthing Breathworker

No previous experience required!

Level 1

9 Modules

Professional Rebirther

Why would I choose to do the BreathTalks training program?

Ciara was trained by Leonard Orr the discoverer of conscious connected breathing as well as his first student Sondra Ray.

The information on Birth, conscious parenting, family relationship dynamics, spiritual purification, life longevity is no longer taught by many Breathwork schools.

This is information is essential to digging deeper into your unconscious to finding the blocks in your life, or simply accepting yourself as you are. The only requirement is your desire to work on a deeper level to make changes.

First and foremost, you work on your own issues during the training. The training has been created to provide you with the information and guidance for you to confidently and proficiently facilitate Rebirthing sessions.

The training covers session technique, how to coach and process clients, the importance of forgiveness, using intuition, client needs assessment, how to set up a practice, experiencing purification with the elements.

Coaching and processing includes:

  • Personal Law process and Purification with the Elements

  • Birth Script

  • Parental Patterns

  • Unmet Childhood needs:

    • Infant

    • Toddler

    • Pre-school

    • School-age

    • Adolescence

  • Forgiveness

  • Shadow work

No Previous Experience Required

You really don’t need any previous experience in another modality or therapy – just passion to help facilitate other people transform.

As you learn how to heal and help others over the duration of the virtual training, you will inevitably grow and change yourself. Past graduates have reported that  they made profound realisations, personal transformations, a shift in perspective about their life situations and feeling positive about their life by participating in the training. The training is full of practical and extensive professional knowledge.

The training comprises of:

  • Online live lectures
  • Daily practices
  • Purification with elements days
  • Course Handbook
  • Group mentoring
  • Extensive resources for your reading time
  • Peer support group
  • Professional mentors who facilitate your sessions
  • Receive and facilitate Breathwork sessions
  • Receive and facilitate Processing sessions
  • Accountability partner
  • Gain experience in delivering a seminar
  • Ongoing monthly Rebirthing Collective meetings after the training has finished


I've recently trained as a Breathworker why would I do another course?

If your Breathwork course didn’t cover an in-depth training on:

Session facilitation: breathing deviations, physical and emotional resistance, the energy cycle, first breath. 

Birth Scripts and how birth impacts your life

Advanced inner child work, through the various stages of childhood development

Mind mastery: spiritual psychology and the Personal Law process

Body mastery: the importance of doing purification with with elements

Taking responsibility for your life and projections

Family dynamics

Taking responsibility for increasing your longevity and life urge

Completing a client needs assessment and a progress plan for your client

Then this course will help you go deeper both for yourself and for your clients.

Because you will gain a greater understanding about resolving big blocks you continually face and working with your unconscious mind.

Module Schedule

Week Saturday Sunday
17 Sept Module 1 Module 1
24 Sept Break
1 Oct Module 2 Module 2
8 Oct Break
15 Oct Module 3 Module 3
23 Oct Break
29 Oct Module 4 Module 4
5 Nov Break
12 Nov Module 5 Module 5
19 Nov Break
26 Nov Module 6 Module 6
3 Dec Break
10 Dec Module 7 Module 7
17 Dec Break
24 Dec Break
31 Dec Break
7 Jan Module 8 Module 8
14 Jan Module 9 Module 9
21 Jan Mini Vision Quest

Training Times

Daily Practices 8.30am 10.30am
Break 10am Noon
Sessions 10.30am 12.30pm
Lecture 7am 10am 2pm 5pm
Break 10am 1pm 5pm 7pm
Daily Practices 10.30am 1.30pm
Break 12.30pm 3.30pm
Sessions 1-4pm 4-7pm



Weekend Schedule



Day 1 Daily Practices

2 hours Daily Practices

Day 2 Daily Practices

2 hours Daily Practices

Day 1 Seminars

3 hours of Seminars:

Day 2 Seminars

3 hours of Seminars:



Day 1 Sessions

1.5 hours Individual Sessions

Day 2 Sessions

1.5 hours Individual Sessions


During the Week

  • 30 mins Processing
  • 1 hour Group Mentoring
  • 2 hours Reading



Spiritual Purification & Mini Vision Quest

24 Hours

Day 1 and Day 2: Fire, Silence, Fasting and Practice with the Elements – 24 hours

48 Hours

2 Consecutive Days: Fire, Silence, Fasting and Practice with the Elements – 48 hours


Payment Plans are Available

Breaththrough with Breathwork Online Retreat

  • 9 Modules
  • Individual Breathwork Sessions
  • Individual Processing
  • Personal Devlopement

$3,900.00 USD

£2,840.00 GBP

€3,360.00 Euro

 Investment in Self


Ask about Payment Plans 

Professional Training

  • 9 Modules
  • Individual Breathwork Sessions
  • Group Work
  • Group Mentoring
  • Assessment for Certification

$4,690.00 USD

£3.420.00 GBP

€4,050.00 Euro

Early Payment by 15 October 

$4,400.00 USD

£3.200.00 GBP

€3,800.00 Euro


In-person Breathwork Retreats

  • When relevant government restrictions for groups are lifted
  • In-person receiving and facilitating Breathwork Sessions in the US Enquire: info@breathtalks.com
  • Retreats in Greece:  Samothraki
  • Retreats in America & Costa Rica TBA

What People are Saying

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