Rebirthing Breathwork Isn’t Only About Birth

Some people mistakenly say that Rebirthing Breathwork is only about birth, that’s simply not true.

Leonard Orr discovered conscious connected breathing whilst in the bath tub and after experimenting with it, noticed it brought up birth issues. It is without a doubt that how we enter the world has a great impact on our life and you need to be ready to release birth trauma. To get to this point most people work through many other challenges and resistances first.

Oftentimes, there is a journey before you’re ready to go there. You may experience birth memories or sensations or you may not. It doesn’t matter if you don’t, because there’s plenty more to discover about yourself during a session.

Breath Mastery

Connecting your breath without pausing is the first challenge.  The first part of a facilitated breathwork session is all about letting go of struggle and drama. The way you breathe tells your facilitator a lot about your life, because they are observing your breathing analytically and intuitively. Imprints of your life experiences may remain energetically in your breathing mechanism. There’s psychological meaning behind any breathing that isn’t free flowing. When you’re ready to give up the struggle, a breathing release happens and you’re able to breathe more freely. Now you’re in the flow.

Psychological, physical and energetic resistances may arise during the first part of a session. A properly trained Rebirther is skilled in facilitating you through these resistances. There are lots of reasons why you have resistances.

Not every session follows a formula, some sessions are simply calming and lead you to a state of peace or bliss. It’s important to feel this and I call these ‘feel good’ sessions. Sometimes they prepare you for your next session. Sometimes you intuitively receive amazing guidance.


Even if you don’t consider that you have had traumatic experiences, you’ll be surprised that even small incidents may be brought to light during a session and they are still impacting you now. Connected breathing takes you to an altered state of consciousness and minor or major traumatic incidents that the conscious mind suppresses, may resurface.

I had a client who was having difficulty breathing and felt like her throat was constricting, I also noticed a blockage in her abdomen. She remembered a time at play school she had completely forgotten about. A boy pushed her off a trampoline when it was her turn. She realised how this incident had impacted giving her power away, she shouted out “it’s my turn, you can’t wait.” At her next session she told me that it has really gave her the confidence to contribute her ideas more at work meetings, instead of keeping quiet.

When any trauma the supporting presence of the facilitator is crucial. Trust is the key – that opens the doorway of release and freedom. At the other end of the scale I had a client who had been kidnapped as a teenager, he had already worked on other life experiences and was ready. I guided him through breaking free and the release was enormous.

It is important to understand that you don’t really need to know what the memory is, a Rebirthing Breathworker recognises the signs that you’re having difficulty. Everyone has their own journey with the breath. There are many circumstances that create trauma that Rebirthers are familiar with.

The beauty of the breath is that you find the resources with in you to overcome whatever challenge you’re facing in a session.  At the end of the day only you can step out of creating drama, feeling powerless or feeling victimised. The facilitator is simply guiding you.

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