Debbie Unterman is an expert in therapeutically dealing with those voices in our head. More often than not they’re conflicting.

Not only is this BreathTalk helpful when you have a pre-session chat with clients, more importantly you can look at how all your different selves are impacting your life! and conflicting responses.

By questioning your clients or yourself, listening to your thoughts and writing responses you can identify different characters and how to work with them.

Debbie will walk us through all of the major characters who think they have your best interests at heart, but it ends up being quite the opposite. Offering extensive insight into the archetypal patterns that both hinder and guide us.


Sub-Personality Series

Debbie will be giving talks over a series of 4 one hour sessions:

Session 1

Sub-personality theory, The Intellectual Characters (Judge/Critic, Guru, Cynic, Mr/Ms Together, Clown, King/Queen

Session 2

The Feeling Characters (Inner Child, Princess/Prince, Rebel, Adventurer, Hero/Heroine, Warrior, Romantic, Sexual Self/Tantrika, Mother/Father, Artist)

Getting the characters to work together.

Session 4

Mediating Characters (The Higher Self, Inner Guides, External Therapist, Observer, Adult Self)

The Co-dependency Cycle Rescuer/Victim/Persecutor/Martyr

Session 3

Client demonstration: Debbie will ask for a volunteer who would like to solve a life issue. She’ll see which characters can form alliances to solve the issue.

This talk is based on over a quarter century of personally observing the workings of the subconscious minds of thousands of clients who had wonderful results from the work we did.

I went through the same therapy myself.

I cleared my own psyche of complexes and Co-dependency, healed my body of chronic stomach pain and discovered my Inner Guides because this goes beyond traditional psychological analysis to outline the necessity of emotional expression but more importantly including spiritual integration. 

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