Magical Nature

“Those Who Don’t Believe in Magic Will Never Find it” Roald Dahl

Nicaragua is Nica Rica! Costa Rica’s northern sibling. It’s not as affluent but the nature is here. Nature comes alive here so commune in its glory.

A Jungle Affair

If you’ve ever felt the enchanting call of the rainforest, come and experience it in Nicaragua. It’s like stepping into another dimension – if you let it. Close your eyes, silence your mind and absorb the wonderful sounds and smells of the forest. The rainforest is alive, so breathe it in and feel that vibrant breath of life move throughout your body. Let the lights of the forest come alive in your imagination, then open your eyes and you’ll be able to see how everything is connected. If you’ve seen Green Frontier or Avatar you’ll know what I mean.

Surf’s Up!


There are a few paths

Coral Cays

Corn island is synonymous with a chilled out lifestyle. It is located off the eastern coast of Nicargua and is home to a Caribbean population, sandy beaches and coral reefs.

Petra exudes 

Meditate at the Monastery

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