Conscious Guide to Khajuraho

Written by babaji

July 28, 2021

Don’t judge a temple by its sculptures

Come and experience Khajuraho.Khajuraho is known worldwide as the place of the tantra temples. Don’t judge a temple by its sculptures! Let go of all the preconceptions you have about what is on the outside of the temples, scratch beneath the surface, stay longer than the day trippers you’ll find a far more profound place and be immersed in an inner transformational journey.

In addition Khajuraho is located on a significant energy line which circumnavigates the globe. Other sacred sites are located on this line such as Giza, Petra, Ankor Wat, Macchu Pichu so the energy here is particularly potent. Khajuraho is certainly holds the energy of sacral chakra both sexual and creative. So prepare to be creatively inspired and watch out for sexual urges.

Every March there is an international Indian traditional dance festival which is free.

Travelling to India can be an assault on the senses, emotions and physically.

Khajuraho isn’t only about the temples there are plenty of wonderful sites and locations off the tourist trail where you can be still and connect.

“On this journey we are not only explorers of the outer world, seeking connection, guidance and validation but we will experience exploration of the most transformational kind; to journey within, and become an explorer of consciousness. True witnessing of the beauty of our own self unfolds blossoming from our heart.” Ciara Longman

Khajuraho has some highly energetic sites

Take vigil at the Chausath Yogini temple, the portal to discovering the mysteries of pure tantra

Attune with the 64 aspects of the yogini in the niches at the Chausath Yogini temple

Be energised at this location which is on the sine wave line of sacred sites across the globe

Lie in the Lalguan Mahadev Temple letting the energy permeate through you

Meditate and feel the stillness of Duladeo Shiva Temple

Admire the craftsmanship of the sculptures of the tantra temples

People watch from the verandah of the Raja café, overlooking the western group of temples

If the intensity of Khajuraho gets too much, meditate at Siddha Baba Hill to re-centre yourself

Feeling the heat in Khajuraho? escape to nearby Ajayghar fort for a refreshing sojourn

Connect with Kali in the cave shrine at the Neelkanth temple, Kalinjar

Sit in awe at the powerful Mahasadashiva standing over 20 feet at Neelkanth temple, Kalinjar

Feel like you’re back time at the court of the great Rajas at Kalinjar Fort

Immerse yourself in the cleansing waters of Bhimkund

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