Creating Heaven on Earth

Turning around the biggies of human trauma

When we incarnate on earth, it can be considered as coming to Earth School! because there are many challenging life lessons we are here to learn for our soul’s evolution. The whole process of Rebirthing helps us to uncover these challenges and Leonard Orr called them the biggies of human trauma. These biggies are inhibitors to our natural state of bliss. The journey we embark on in Rebirthing is from trauma to bliss. In fact, we can actually experience heaven or bliss on earth in our daily lives.


The Fifteen Biggies of Human Trauma were developed initially by Leonard Orr and Sondra Ray and added to over the years.

  1. Birth Trauma – The situations and incidents related to an individual’s conception, gestation, birth and up to 2 years which have influenced his/her subsequent beliefs and behaviour. (e.g. “Life is a struggle”). This critical period forms how we respond to our life events.
  2. Parental Disapproval Syndrome – The denial of an individual’s divinity by his/her parents. The consistent conditioning and expectation to “fit in” with the “family mind.” This mindset remains in your unconscious mind and leads to recreating scenarios which are yet to be healed, because that is your comfort zone. If you do not heal your disapproval it is then acted out on to your children.
  3. Specific Negatives/ Personal Lie – The most profound and fundamental negative thought or belief you have about yourself. This gives rise to other negative thoughts or beliefs about yourself called specific negatives. These are interconnected and related to the primary thought. (e.g. Personal Lie – I’m rejected, Specific negative – I’m alone because I’m rejected)
  4. Death Urge – Through society we are conditioned to believe that we have to die, in particular within a certain time period. It is possible to we even die around the same age as our same-sex parent or grandparent. To counteract this we can change our outlook and improve our life urge.
  5. Karma/ Past Lives – The beliefs, fears, habits you bring in through past lives which are buried. There may be actions we need to take to rebalance our karma in this life. 
  6. School Trauma – Is comprised of the conditioning, hierarchical structure, shame of failure entrenched in the traditional school learning system, which drains our creativity. Humiliation by teachers, bullying and unnecessary discipline stay with us into our adult life.
  7. Religious Trauma – The rules and stories made up by humans which are used to control us. They are played out in all sorts of ways which may have been terrifying, confusing and even debilitating to us when we were children and continue to create fear. The idea that you will be punished in the worst possible way if you don’t obey their rules. 
  8. Senility – Healing senility is all about healing our infancy. Being so tired of life and so full of E.E.P. that regressing to infancy brings innocence, apathy and creating being looked after again. We recreate situations from our infancy period when before we were able to talk.
  9. Repression of the Feminine – Has occurred for millennia, and includes the domination of patriarchal values which are pervasive throughout our whole societal structure. Essentially it is the belief that feminine values are less important than masculine ones. So feminine qualities are repressed, such as; being softer, more vulnerable, intuition and trust. 
  10. World Saviour Syndrome – Misuse of the Masculine Principle, including arrogance and narcissistic behaviour. This also encompasses having a superiority complex, control, judgment, hierarchical systems, separation, being too much in the mind or in resistance. Adopting the belief that vulnerability or feminine attributes are weak or less important.
  11. Separation/ Fear of Strangers – the development of a deep mistrust of those whom you have met or others in society at large. This keeps us separate and ultimately underneath the surface you mistrust yourself.
  12. Political Apathy – Not taking responsibility for how the society we live in is run, by allowing another ‘higher authority’ to run your life. In doing so you become powerless. Like senility this involves re-living infancy apathy, where everything was done for you, for your survival – and you were powerless, vulnerable and needy.
  13. Sexual and Physical Abuse – Abuse or Violation of physical boundaries and the manipulation surrounding the event leaves permanent damage. Lack of trust in men/women, rage, fear, lack of trust in society, deep imprint and effect on sexual preference and sexual behavior, hatred of all men, hatred of all women.
  14. Food Abuse – This is the most prevalent addiction in society in which we stuff down our feelings and emotions with food. The food we choose oftentimes is not beneficial to our vitality and life urge. It can involve a cycle of momentary enjoyment of the taste, followed by feeling shame. 
  15. Emotional Energy Pollution – We gain energy pollution from anyone we come in contact with and feel drained, numb or sad. It can also involve going into alignment with someone else’s energy or ideas. Spiritual purification with the elements is the way to clean ourselves.

After we have worked through our own traumas, Leonard would say when we have mastered our physical bodies and the material world, “what else is there to do with your time? spend our time being creative!”

When you heal the biggies your motivation is then to support and help other people. 

It’s not just about the BREATH


  • Breath Mastery

  • Mind Mastery

  • Body Mastery

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