Certification Requirements

Certification with BreathTalks

After you have completed the 400 hour training, you will need to submit:


Training Diary 

Session Summaries: 16 sessions received

Session Summaries: 11 sessions given


Essay Questions

Spiritual Purification Journal

Write up for 10 sessions: Client 1

Write up for 10 sessions: Client 2

Write up for 10 sessions: Client 3

Occupational Standards for Rebirthing Breathwork Assignment


 Certification to GPBA Standards

After completing a 400 hour training you then must attend the Monthly Mysteria Spiritus meetings for a total of 19 months after completing your 5 month training. This is because it is a GPBA requirement to complete a 2 year program.

Complete the above certification plus:

  • Document receiving one Rebirthing session per month.

The Mysteria Spiritus is about TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for your development as a Rebirther.

  • Additional lectures dealing with trauma, inner child work and entering the mysteries of the breath.
  • Everyone who joins participates in leading the monthly meet ups and presenting quality seminars
  • Continue learning from your peers

  • Discuss case studies

  • Get advice from your peers

  • Exchange Rebirthing sessions

  • Improve your confidence as a Rebirther
  • Gain experience leading seminars and teaching Rebirthing
  • Facilitate online Breathing Circles


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