Birth Types

Why is birth so important?

Because it has a lot to do with the patterns that we manifest as we move through life and consequently give birth to moments in our life.

Katia Boustani discusses the impact various birth types have on our lives. Even what is considered a Normal Birth affects how we react to the world!

Do you sometimes wonder why you keep repeating life situations? Birth Types can explain this..

Birth Types Series

Each Birth Type will be covered over a series of 5 sessions:

Session 1

Big Baby Births, Born in the Sac Births, Breech Births, Cesarian Emergency Births

Session 2

Cesarian Planned Births, Conditions of the Mother, Cord Around the Neck Births, Drugged Births

Session 3

Fast Births, Forcepts Delivered Births, Held Back Births, Induced Births

Session 4

Late Births, Near to Death Births, Normal Births, Premature Births

Session 5

Turned at Birth, Twins and Multiple Births, Unwanted Births, Wrong Sex Births

February 2020

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Birth Types is essential to understanding yourself and your client

We can have greater compassion for ourselves and others when we get clear on how birth affects our lives and how we trigger and interact with others.
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