Spreading the Aliveness Virus

2 interactive BreathTalks with Katia Boustani

Katia will be creating connection and getting you involved in interactive processes which you can join in live on air.

Body Mastery through the Breath

  • Have you ever wanted to be so connected with your body that by scanning it with your breath, you’d know its secrets; what it’s holding or projecting and where?
  • Would you like to go deeper into the breath/mind/body connection?
  • Would you like to explore why you get the same negative results in different areas of your life? Discover your own patterns and how these affect your body?… I mean, really get it??
  • We welcome you to join us for our 2 hour online workshop, packed with lots of info, meditations and exercises to empower and exhilarate you!
  • €10 for this Body Mastery Talk

1st April 2020 Americas & Europe

8am Pacific, 11am EST, 4pm GMT, 5pm ECT, 6pm EET, 8.30pm IST

2nd April Australasia

midnight MYT, 3am AEST, 5am NZST.

Mind Mastery Consciously Manifesting a New Reality

  • Understanding the different levels of your mind and how they work to manifest your reality.
  • Using the breath as a bridge to cross to different levels and then as a uniting force to fuse them into unlimited connection.
  • Meeting “the observer”.
  • The relevance of heart/ emotional intelligence.
  • Comprehending the power of affirmative thinking.
  • Aligning your thoughts with the field of all possibilities and affecting the energy around you to stimulate manifestation.
  • €10 for this Mind Mastery Talk

8th April 2020 Americas & Europe

8am Pacific, 11am EST, 4pm GMT, 5pm ECT, 6pm EET, 8.30pm IST

9th April Australasia

midnight MYT, 3am AEST, 5am NZST.

March 2020

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Be connected to our community during this time of lockdown

Join us on the 1st/2nd & 8th/9th April to build greater aliveness!

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