Master Your Technique

Heike Strombach is a Master Rebirther

22 January 2023

  • 9am-1.30pm ET
  • 2pm-6.30pm GMT
  • 3pm-7.30pm CET
  • 6pm-10.30pm Dubai


Would you like to learn from a Master Rebirther with 32 years experience of Rebirthing Breathwork?

Heike spent 3 decades teaching with Leonard Orr and is an expert at reading the breath.

You will review Breath Mastery theory.

You will watch Heike demonstrate a session and she will explain what is happening.

Heike to do a Breathing Analysis on 5 participants. This is a practical application of the breathing deviations theory, it means that you breathe connected for a short while and Heike corrects your breathing deviations.


  • 1 hour: The Energy Cycle and Breathing Deviations
  • 10 minute Break
  • 1.5 hours: Session Demonstration & Explanation
  • 20 minute Break
  • 1.5 hours: Breathing Analysis

€108 Euros 


Across different timezones

Heike Demonstrates Breathing Deviations


Heike Explains Facial Ticks

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