Katia Boustani

Master Rebirther & Trainer

Katia Boustani has dedicated her life to Healing herself, her community and the World, through the Breath and Love. With over 30 years of experience in the healing arts, Katia has developed a phenomenal reputation for profound results and ongoing transformation of each individual or group she works with.

An international expert in Breath Mastery and Mind Mastery, Katia’s compassion for humans and her love for nature is her prime motivation, believing in the metamorphosis of the world, one person at a time.

In October 2013 Katia was recognized as Rebirthing Breath Master and Master Breathwork Trainer by Rebirthing International, one of only six in the world recognized by Leonard Orr’s official school.

Katia dreamed up Global Breathing Awareness years ago, wanting it to eventually be a Global Directory or Forum uniting Breathers all over the world, knowing that the breath was the one tool of UNITY which we all, as inhabitants of this planet, possess. Eventually she attracted other passionate individuals and together they founded Global Breathing Awareness and Agapi App. Together, we can rebirth the world. 

Katia’s Talks

Birth Types

Birth Types

Why is birth so important? Because it has a lot to do with the patterns that we manifest as we move through life and consequently give birth to moments in our life. Katia Boustani discusses the impact various birth types have on our lives. Even what is considered a...

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