Breathwork and Beyond

Greater Compassion

Enlightening talks which reveal underlying facets of the challenges all of us face.

As humans we are unique yet we have commonalities. The aim of these talks is to reveal how we can become more compassionate towards others when we understand their life story and the circumstances which create different human behaviours.

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Featured Topics

Birth Order

Your birth order or if you are an only child impacts all inter-personal relationships. Empathy with different birth orders creates harmony. Join us on this talk which is filled with ‘aha moments’

Breathing Deviations

Online demonstration with a Master Rebirther leading us through a series of clients and showing us how to deal with various breathing deviations.

The Personal Law

Change your Mind, Change your Life, Change the World

Cranial Sacral Therapy for Babies

Many birth traumas and feeding issues can be resolved with a Cranial Sacral Therapist who specialises in working with babies. Wendy demonstrates how this can be done.

Birth Types

The circumstances of our birth sets up our life. Learn about each birth type and how it impacts our behaviour. Understand how other people act because of their birth type.

Talking To Myselves

Master Alchemist Debbie discusses the voices in our heads. Thoughts are creative. Why can we be so conflicted in our thoughts? Debbie explains our sub-personalities and how to work with them.


Chitra clearly explains what karma is from a Hindu perspective. Importantly, how it can be practically applied when dealing with client’s life situations.