Rebirthing For Breathworkers

420 Hours of Training

Breath, Mind and Body Mastery. Live and interactive

Free your Breath

Learn the technique: physical resistance, breathing deviations, emotional resistance, energy release and the breathing cycle.

Free Your Mind

Understand how thought is creative. The Personal Law. Spiritual Psychology

Understand Birth

How your birth impacts your life

Freedom - Comes From Within

* For Breathworkers – who are capable of breathing themselves through a session.

* For Professionals – working in the Birth field.

* For NEW – Rebirthing Breathwork students

Module 1 – 2 Days: Rebirthing Technique – 6 hours live lectures, receive 2 sessions, give 2 sessions, 1 hour live group mentoring.

Module 2 – 2 Days: Conception, Pregnancy & Birth – 6 hours live lectures, receive 2 sessions, watch 2 sessions, 1 hour live group mentoring.

Module 3 – 1 Day: Mind Mastery – Spiritual Psychology & the Personal Law process

Module 4 – 3 Days: Stages of Development: Inner Child work – 9 hours live lectures, receive 3 sessions, give 3 sessions, 1 hour live group mentoring.

Birth Professionals: if you are not a Breathworker then you will receive sessions and observe one to one Rebirthing sessions.


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  • Learn how the Rebirthing Technique is different: nose or mouth breathing. The Energy Cycle. Physical Resistance. Emotional Resistance. Breathing Deviations. Breathing Mechanism Release. Energy Release. First Breath.
  • Understand how our first 1001 days are critically important to how our life is set up: conception, pregnancy, birth and infancy.
  • Unmet childhood needs: we then move through childhood and adolescence, highlighting needs that weren’t met, which can arise in Breathwork sessions.
  • Learn the Birth Types and how to work with each type. Find out why you have certain behaviours.
  • Mind Mastery: Spiritual Psychology and the Personal Law
  • High Quality Rebirthing Sessions: for each day of training you take you will receive a one-on-one session with a Mentor. You will teamed up with another participant and also observe one session. If you take the 8 day training then you will receive 8 sessions and observe 8 sessions. Sessions can be scheduled outside of the weekend in agreement with your Mentor.

Q&A Information Video About the Training

Your Birth Sets Up Your Life


I am passionate about birth because how we are born is so incredibly important to our life.

For most people it takes time to be ready to deal with our own birth trauma, even for a ‘normal’ birth.

It is a process not to be rushed and is dependent on how much work you have already done on other various life issues you have discovered.

Breathe more FREEDOM into your life:

    • Unravel your Birth Script
    • Hold space for people experiencing their first breath
    • Discover how unmet childhood needs impact us
    • Be MORE compassionate towards people with different Birth Types
    • Go through processes during the lectures
    • Find out why womb time is so important
    • Are you trapped in reliving Obstetrician Syndrome?
    • Have you forgiven your Birth Medical team?
    • Do you get Separation Anxiety?
    • How breastfeeding and bottle feeding impact you
    • Now that you’ve done a Breathwork training, would you like to dive deeper into facilitating sessions for your clients?


    • Or as a Birth Professional would you like to understand more about Birth Types?


    • If you are new to Breathwork, Modules 1-4 will count towards 8 days of the 21 day Rebirthing Breathwork Training.

    Dates Autumn 2022

      17 Sept – Module 1 Day 1

      18 Sept – Module 1 Day 2


      1 Oct – Module 2 Day 1

      2 Oct – Module 2 Day 2


      15 Oct – Module 3 Day 1

      16 Oct – Module 4 Day 1


      29 Oct – Module 4 Day 2

      30 Oct – Module 4 Day 3

      Pay per Module:

      Modules 1 & 2 $410.00 each Module

      Module 3 $220.00

      Module 4 $500.00

      Full Payment for 4 Modules $1,540.00

      Four Payments March, April, May, June of $400

      Continuous Professional Development: You can choose which Module you would like to participate in.


      7 + 8 =

      Module Schedule

      Week Saturday Sunday
      1 Module 1 Module 1
      2 Module 2 Module 2
      3 Break Break
      4 Module 3 Module 4
      5 Module 4 Module 4

      Training Times

      Daily Practices 8.30am 10.30am
      Break 10am Noon
      Sessions 10.30am 12.30pm
      Lecture 7am 10am 2pm 5pm
      Break 10am 1pm 5pm 7pm
      Daily Practices 10.30am 1.30pm
      Break 12.30pm 3.30pm
      Sessions 1-4pm 4-7pm



      Daily Schedule



      Day 1 Daily Practices

      2 hours Daily Practices

      Day 2 Daily Practices

      2 hours Daily Practices

      Day 1 Seminars

      3 hours of Seminars:

      Day 2 Seminars

      3 hours of Seminars:

      Day 1 Sessions

      1.5 hours Individual Sessions

      Day 2 Sessions

      1.5 hours Individual Sessions

      During the Week

      • 30 mins Processing
      • 1 hour Group Mentoring
      • 2 hours Reading





      What Students are Saying

      About Trainings

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